Do you need CS (computer science) degree for programming?

Do you need CS (computer science) degree for programming?


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Hello great devs, First I would like to heartily thanks to all of you reading my first post and posting your comments. I really love to listen you always. When I wrote my first post I had an idea for the next post in my mind already. So let me start with my topic of this post.

Do you really need CS degree to start programming?

I have read so many tweets about this topic on my twitter timeline where people or developers always say that you don't need CS degree for programming. Well I am not totally agree on this. If you ask me it is not required initially to start with basic programming but later on it is because I believe that:

Coin has no value if either of the side is faded.

Let's ask our self will you go to any Doctor for a treatment who doesn't have any degree but self learning and experience or will give a contract to any Architect who doesn't have any degree to construct your house, absolutely NOT right. So by saying that "you don't need CS degree for programming" is not correct always.

It is also depend on your personal choice whether you want to pursue your career as freelancer developer or you want join some organisation.

Computer Sciences degrees teach computer hardware and software, so students can work with algorithms, databases, networks or artificial intelligence etc.

CS education gives an extra edge what ever we read or learn during education period. You learn every aspect of the programming theoretically and practically. You read about different concept and paradigm of programming which helps you later in your professional career journey.

This is my personal opinion you can share your opinion by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear your different opinion.

Have a nice day and stay tune until next post.

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