Introduction about myself

Introduction about myself


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Hello dev community, This is my first post on Hashnode and I am really excited about it. Since this is my first post so I decided to let introduce myself to this great community.

About me

I am Rakesh Sharma, live in Belgium and I am a Frontend Developer by profession. I started my professional career back in 2004 as a Graphic Designer and then I pushed myself to Web Designing when I realized that internet is booming. Since I was already experienced with Photoshop and Illustrator so I added only HTML and CSS in my skillset by self learning to become a Web Designer.

That was the first step towards my professional career goal to become a Frontend Developer. As the time passed I gained more experience and added lot of new languages to my skill set and as a result today I am better professional Frontend Developer.

My skills and knowledge

Currently I am having very good knolwedge and expereince in following modern frontend programming languages:

  1. CSS and HTML
  2. JavaScript, Type Script, RxJS
  3. Angular, VueJs, Polymer (For web app development)
  4. IONIC Framwork and Flutter (For mobile app development)
  5. NodeJS, Deno (For backend, if I had to do it myself)
  6. BootStrap, Angular Material and Tailwind
  7. REST APIs
  8. git and bitbucket

Present situation

At present I have been hired by European Comission and I am enjoying working here from last 4 years. Mostly I am on Angular projects which are using JAVA as their Backend Technology. I love to creat independant component in Angular.

Interest and hobbies

I like to learn and read about latest upcoming technologies. So I love to interact with interesting people on Twitter. I tweet mostly stuff about frontend and like like minded people :) if you want you can follow me @festack1

I play Badminton twice a week and Viktor Axelsen is my favorite player. I run my own youtube channel called FeStack There are few videos as of now but I am planning to put more in future as soon as I get some free time from my side projects.

OK so far I am keeping this post short so you don't get bored :) and at the end I would like to say thank you for your time to read about me and I love to hear your feedback and suggestion for my upcoming posts in the future.

Have a nice day!

Goed Dag! (As I say in Dutch)